History of EDJ

The History of EDJ

EDJ Enterprises, Inc. was founded on August 1st, 1992 by veterans of the IBM Retail Industry’s point of sale community. Together they formed EDJ as a programming services company working with IBM point of sale customers. It became apparent that what retailers needed were a set of application solutions which expanded and enhanced the IBM offerings.

In addition to offering customized programming and consulting, EDJ began developing a suite of applications to take advantage of the data that the IBM sales applications were collecting. These early applications were TimeTamer™ and ESCAPE™. TimeTamer™ collected clock in and clock out information at the POS register while reporting the cashier’s time back to a home office payroll application. ESCAPE™ was developed as an electronic journal for the IBM applications with a set of search tools to make the data useful.
EDJ is an IBM business partner and a Microsoft business partner. EDJ has partnership relations with several IBM business partners and dealers that have developed over the years to expand the marketplace for EDJ’s solutions.