The newest feature for Web ESCAPE makes transaction searches incredibly fast. The alternate index feature stores the transaction indexes in a database. The basic search transaction completes faster by an order of magnitude. Internal testing has shown a search time decrease for a typical transaction to be reduced from 62 seconds to 2 seconds. When searching large numbers of electronic journals, this alternate index feature provides a significant productivity increase.

Since ESCAPE was first developed, the basic file structure has been a set of electronic journals associated with a corresponding index file. The electronic journals had one journal file and one index file for each register, each day in every store. This was a very straightforward way to organize the journals. The organization allowed ESCAPE to quickly find journals that matched the user’s criteria for inclusion in complex searches. Over time the number of stores and number of resulting journals that users have wanted to query have grown significantly. Users are casting a wider net to find suspicious events and activities.

EDJ Enterprises has been exploring several paths to improve performance and speed getting results to users. We believe that we have found a suitable solution. Since most new customers are starting with the Web ESCAPE solution, this new feature has been designed for exclusive use in this environment. Instead of individual index files, the electronic journal indexes will be placed in a SQL database. The search techniques of SQL will be used to find qualifying transactions for ESCAPE searches. The time-proven internal ESCAPE search engine will remain the same. Overall search time will be reduced when looking at large collections of electronic journals.

ESCAPE delivers electronic journal information as it always has. Only the technology behind the search has been changed.

If you already license the Web Browser feature of ESCAPE and have a current support agreement in place, the upgrade is free. If you are still using the Windows version of ESCAPE, adding the Web Browser feature will also bring you the new alternate index feature. The time to upgrade is now. Give your ESCAPE users a power boost.