New ESCAPE Feature Identifies Suspicious Activity

Posted on Sep 12, 2017 in ESCAPE FAQ, Product Updates

EDJ introduces SHRINK, a new optional feature to the ESCAPE application, used to identify potential transaction level abuse by cashiers. With the new SHRINK search, users can produce both flash and detailed reports displaying high marks (potential abuse) for the following: Loyalty Manager Overrides Price Overrides Refund Items Suspended Transactions Voids Individual transactions can then be selected from these reports to view further details. ESCAPE users will appreciate the same simplified navigation used throughout the rest of the application. If you have any questions regarding this new...

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StoreGazer Now Integrates With LDAP

Posted on Sep 5, 2017 in Recent News, StoreGazer

The evolution of StoreGazer’s capabilities has always been customer driven. In the latest release, 4.4.3, StoreGazer continues to expand its systems/user management toolset by integrating with Secure LDAP, a direct request from its users. Many retailers see a huge benefit in using LDAP as a way to consolidate their entire organization into a central directory. With LDAP supporting SSL and TLS, sensitive data can be securely protected. Version 4.4.3 is now available for customer download through the EDJ download portal online. Additional enhancements found in this version include: Support...

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RMA Reporting Through StoreGazer

Posted on Jul 6, 2017 in Recent News, StoreGazer

StoreGazer offers the most comprehensive Remote Management Agent (RMA) reporting solution and the most robust set of tools to quickly identify and resolve critical issues from a single enterprise console. StoreGazer has been the most comprehensive systems management application for nearly 20 years. By utilizing a variety of data sources including 4690 event logs, file system, process tables, and most recently Toshiba’s Remote Management Agent (RMA), administrators are provided a complete picture on how their store systems are performing. While StoreGazer introduced RMA integration a number...

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ESCAPE Web No Longer IE Dependent

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in EDJ Common, ESCAPE FAQ, Product Updates, Recent News, Uncategorized

ESCAPE is no longer solely dependent on Internet Explorer. As one of EDJ Enterprises’ core products, expanding the functionality, increasing search speeds, and compatibility of the ESCAPE application has always been a high priority. The latest release of ESCAPE WEB will now be compatible across multiple browser platforms, supporting Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome, and non-compatibility mode for Internet Explorer. Several PCI enhancements have also been included in the latest web version to address any security concerns. In addition, users will find the link for EDJCommon directing...

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Whitelisting Now Available

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 in COPS, Product Updates, Recent News, StoreGazer

EDJ’s whitelisting solution is another easy to use, yet powerful, tool for retailers who want to protect their customers and maintain a higher level of PCI compliance. The WhiteList application ensures system integrity by monitoring processes running on the 4690 controllers and comparing them to a known list of accepted processes. EDJ’s WhiteList application consists of a single executable, which constantly monitors both java and native 4690 processes running in the  foreground, background, and on the Linux layer of the 4690 controller. Any running process that does not match...

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EDJCommon – NEW Web Version

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 in COPS, EDJ Common, EDJCrypt, ESCAPE FAQ, EXCEPTion, Product Updates, Recent News, Signature Capture, StoreGazer, StoreTotals, TimeGuard

EDJ Enterprises has developed an enhanced version of their EDJCommon management application to be a fully functioning standalone client. Previously EDJCommon was only accessible through each individual product application. The new EDJCommon is entirely web based and compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The new web version of EDJCommon will eliminate any conflicts caused by Internet Explorer’s Active X Controls. —– EDJCommon is the user management database for all EDJ applications. Administrators use EDJCommon to manage who has access to the...

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Sign Off Terminals Automatically

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 in Product Updates, Recent News

EDJ Enterprises is known as a leader in providing retailers with various PCI compliance tools for the Toshiba 4690 operating system. Recently, EDJ launched a new product, Signoff Sentry, to further assist retailers with in-store security concerns. Signoff Sentry was developed to address the vulnerability of terminals being left unattended while sessions are still active. Now, administrators have to ability to sign off user sessions either at a specific time each day, or when cashiers walk away leaving the register inactive for a period of time. The configuration settings also allows specific...

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StoreTotals – Mobile Version

Posted on May 17, 2013 in Recent News, StoreTotals

During the 2013 International Retail User Group Conference in Anaheim, CA, EDJ Enterprises announced a new mobile version of their StoreTotals application. The new version remains browser based, but when users launch the application, the site will be formatted to the device being used. With the new mobile version of StoreTotals, user permissions can be customized to grant specific access for regional, district, and store managers to view the information relevant to them on their iPad or tablet device. Benefits of StoreTotals: View accounting data which is typically difficult to...

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IRUG – International Retail Users Group 2013

Posted on May 13, 2013 in COPS, ESCAPE FAQ, Recent News, StoreGazer, StoreTotals

  EDJ announced four major product updates during the 2013 International Retail User Group (IRUG) Convention in Anaheim, CA last month. These updates are a response to direct requests from EDJ’s retail customers. EDJ relies heavily on the voice of their customers to suggest how their products should evolve over time. StoreTotals – Mobile Version With the new mobile version of StoreTotals, user permissions can be customized to grant specific access for regional, district, and store managers to view the accounting information relevant to them on their iPad or tablet...

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Blazing Fast Searches in ESCAPE Web

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 in ESCAPE FAQ, Product Updates, Recent News

The newest feature for Web ESCAPE makes transaction searches incredibly fast. The alternate index feature stores the transaction indexes in a database. The basic search transaction completes faster by an order of magnitude. Internal testing has shown a search time decrease for a typical transaction to be reduced from 62 seconds to 2 seconds. When searching large numbers of electronic journals, this alternate index feature provides a significant productivity increase. Since ESCAPE was first developed, the basic file structure has been a set of electronic journals associated with a...

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