Recently, Venafi, the inventor and leading provider of machine identity protection, announced EDJ Enterprises as an included partner in their Machine Identity Protection Development Fund program.

“EDJ Enterprises, a leading developer of productivity solutions and PCI compliance tools for retail and grocery store environments, will use fund sponsorship to allow customers to automate the secure rotation of SSH keys for Toshiba 4690 controllers, which grant privileged access and remote administration, in point-of-sale (POS) systems. EDJ is the first Development Fund participant helping to secure SSH machine identities and is based in the United States.”

The project itself was one which was in direct response to an immediate customer need. After thorough investigation from both the customer as well as Venafi, it was determined that StoreGazer was the only system management platform currently capable of handling the scope of the SSH key management rotation project.

Over the last 20+ years EDJ has continued to expand it’s StoreGazer application with an estimated 90% of functionally being developed in direct response to customer request. The SSH key management rotation functionality was another example StoreGazer’s continued evolution.

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