To find the location of the Escape data files of an EDJ/EPICOR solution use one of the options below.

Find Escape Data Location by EscapeWeb Configuration

  1. Sign into EscapeWeb application.
  2. Navigate to the “Administrator” page.
  3. Note the “Journal Locations” section table. If more than one exists, the “Default Location:” is most likely the primary location.

Find Escape Data Location by EDJ.ElectronicJournalIndexer.exe Configuration

  1. Locate the “AdaptIndexJournalsExecutor.js” script file.
  2. Open the “AdaptIndexJournalsExecutor.js” script file in a text editor like Notepad.
  3. Find the “INDEXER_ARGUMENTS” variable.
  4. Make note of the config file (default is “EDJ.ElectronicJournalIndexer.exe.config”).
  5. Close the script file.
  6. Locate and execute the “EDJ.ElectronicJournalIndexer.exe” program.
  7. Select “File”->”Open…”. Navigate to and open the config file.
  8. If config file successfully opened, select “Options”->”Configuration…”.
  9. Make note of the “Archive Folder” setting.
  10. Cancel and exit “EDJ.ElectronicJournalIndexer.exe” program.