EDJ Enterprises, Inc. (EDJ) announces improvements to the web browser version of EXCEPTion™, the cashier performance reporting solution for the IBM 4690 point-of-sale system.

A loss prevention analyst’s time is too valuable and too limited to be able to review all of the cashiers on a regular basis. They need a tool set to filter cashier performance data and to highlight cashiers who need to be examined more closely at the store, district or region level within the company. EXCEPTion is that tool.

EXCEPTion collects cashier information on a daily basis. The store controller builds a performance record during end-of-day processing for every cashier that worked a shift during the day. The records are sent to cashier performance database at the head office where they are ready to use. The database is used to support queries and to prepare special reports for the loss prevention analysts.

EXCEPTion has been updated to include a group of flash reports. This is a single report that lists the top offenders in each of several categories. This is a snapshot of cashier performance across the range of dates and stores that was selected. It can save time and energy when schedules are tight. Each category can also be viewed separately if there is a campaign of special emphasis on a particular performance factor. EXCEPTion connects directly with the ESCAPE™ web browser application to provide even more investigative power.