Available in V4.6


StoreGazer has now been enhanced to include ACE Personalization Management as a new optional feature. While many retailers have chosen to migrate to Toshiba’s SurePOS ACE for its expanded customization options, the ability to push those changes down to multiple stores at once has become an obvious pain point.

StoreGazer has had the ability to communicate and take action on multiple stores at once for several years. To leverage this structure and develop a solution for managing ACE Personalization at multiple locations was a natural evolution for the application.

Users are able to easily review current personalization settings as well as modify their stores to improve operational efficiencies, enhance payment capabilities, and add additional security through StoreGazer’s web interface and push those changes seamlessly across all or a selected group of locations. In addition, users will enjoy the ability to compare personalization setting options for multiple stores, side by side, to confirm consistency across the chain.