EDJ Enterprises believes strongly in application evolution. Products and their features are enhanced over time as we work closely with our customers and business partners to develop new and innovative functionality. Below is an overview of what you can expect in the latest version of ESCAPE Web v1.5.4000.17.

New Result Totals

In its latest release ESCAPE Web will now display additional details labeled Result Totals within the Summary Search Results page. Under Result Totals users will notice the Transactions Total sub-heading which lists both the dollar amount and quantity for the overall search criteria being displayed. In addition, if text-based or range-based searches are performed each of those search terms will have a corresponding result total alongside the Transactions Total. As always users can choose to export the summary results to a CSV file. With this new release, two (2) CSV files will be created; one displaying the search results for store, register, date, cashier, etc. and one showing the new Result Totals data. For those users who have chosen to integrate ESCAPE Web with EXCEPTion (EDJ’s Cashier Performance Application), the Result Totals data will also populate for those transactions as well.

Email Alerts

The latest ESCAPE Web release also supports email alerts for Journal Archive Manager to report successful and/or failed results of the bundles being distributed. Email notification can be sent to multiple individuals and will include the number of bundles successfully processed, how many were invalid, and how many files were included in those bundles.

Secure LDAP Support

In addition, the ESCAPE Web now includes support for Secure LDAP and Windows Active Directory authentication to integrate with your existing configuration.

Expanded Character Limit

The character limit which is used for store number within ESCAPE Web has been increased from 4 to 8 characters. Users will continue to setup their store structure and access through the EDJCommon database for ESCAPE Web.