Enhanced Dashboard

StoreGazer’s Enhanced Dashboard is an optional feature designed to give managers and help desk personnel a view of the critical performance indicators for their stores. For continuous visibility and monitoring, each new enhanced dashboard can be enlarged to full screen and dedicated to individual displays.

Through StoreGazer’s global option settings, administrators are able to configure each individual dashboard to display the critical data most important to their environment.

New enhanced dashboard views include the following:

Message Counts

Track multiple 4690 messages at once, including notifications on system IPLs, and programs which end abnormally

System Status

View which controllers reach user defined thresholds for disk, memory, and CPU utilization


Receive immediate notification when stores go offline and when communication has failed between the store and banking networks

EDJ is also happy to discuss developing a custom Enhanced Dashboard based on your individual needs.

Continuous monitoring of critical performance indicators on all stores, chainwide