Retailers need all the help they can get to reduce shrink. The cashier workforce needs to be trained and productive. Recent loss prevention studies show that cashier theft and fraud remain high and a significant cause of shrink. The good news is that information you need to do your job is available. The problem is that there is too much data to look at before you find what you need. The EXCEPTion solution will organize, filter, and turn that data into useful information.

EXCEPTion is a web based application to make the cashier performance data in a Toshiba 4690/TCx Sky store controller more accessible to users at headquarters. All of the operator activity totals are centralized in a SQL database. EXCEPTion allows users the ability to create custom views which display the data they are most interested in. For example: A custom report can be created to display which cashiers have the highest number of voided items in their transaction history and which cashiers have the highest dollar value for voided items over the same timeframe. Predefined reports are also available for high shrink indicators such as suspended transactions, manager overrides, etc.

EXCEPTion also integrates with EDJ’s ESCAPE application so that once suspicious activity is heighted within a report, users can quickly view the transaction(s) where this activity occurred.


  • Measure cashier performance both good and bad
  • Identify suspicious activity within transactions
  • Integrates with ESCAPE to drill down into specific transactions

Spotlight Exceptional Performance and Reduce Shrink

While EXCEPTion shows you data for exceptionally good performance, it also points out those cashiers who could be involved in fraudulent activity.


Stop/Reduce shrink and manage cashier performance with EXCEPTion.