Signature Capture

Signature Capture is a feature of ESCAPE which provides new capabilities for retailers to attach a customer’s signature electronically to the transaction, and provide a copy of that signature to credit provider upon request. As a result, paper documents no longer need to be moved from the store which in return increases productivity for retailers.

Each signature is kept with the sales transaction details in the ESCAPE index file for each terminal. When the journal and index files are polled, the electronic signatures are transported along.


  • Fewer paper forms at the register with electronic signature capture.
  • Charge slips do not have to be sent back to headquarters.
  • Signatures can be stored with the transaction detail as a complete transaction bundle.
  • Charge slips do not have to be put on microfilm at headquarters.
  • The accounting department can retrieve transactions electronically with signatures attached

Attach the customer’s signature electronically to each sales transaction with Signature Capture.