StoreGazer is the most widely used systems management application among retailers. By simplifying processes and automating actions, data is delivered faster and problem resolution is more efficient.


StoreGazer Brochure

Real-Time Monitoring

StoreGazer centralizes the data from all stores displaying both real-time, as well as historical data to provide you with a complete look at the inventory and status of your systems. Before critical issues occur at the store level, StoreGazer will solve those problems automatically without any employee interaction.

System Inventory

Controller Hardware – Real-time and historical views to quickly identify key information such as CPU usage, memory, and disk levels for individual controllers.

Controller Software – Identify installation consistency and details chainwide for operating system, application, and software product versions.

Vital Product Data – View VPD and BIOS model and serial numbers for both controllers and terminals being monitored.

System Status

Message Monitor – View and respond to conditions within the 4690 event log, including messages when programs end, controllers IPL, hardware errors, etc.

Alert Monitor – Configurable conditions being monitored which are otherwise not easily accessible including the status when files exceed size limits, processes not running, dropped connectivity, disks exceeding capacity, etc.

Multi-Store Operations

StoreGazer enables administrators to remotely take action on multiple store locations at the same time with a wide variety of functions including:

  • Start/Stop Processes
  • Reload Controllers/Terminals
  • Transfer Files
  • Signoff Terminals
  • Define/Change/Delete Background Apps
  • Distribute/Delete Files
  • Define/Change/Delete Logical Filenames
  • Add/Delete Operators
  • Change/Set Operator Passwords

Job Management

Users are able to create predefined jobs which can be issued on-demand or scheduled for later execution. These jobs can contain multiple steps, and decisions can be made to proceed, or quit, based on the success or failure of each step at each location. By defining the rollout process or automated polling process as a job, the likelihood of user error is greatly reduced when moving from test to production, as the steps and parameters have already been proven and preserved.

PCI Compliance Tools

StoreGazer offers several unique features related to PCI compliance which enable administrators to quickly detect when something has changed on the 4690, identify who made that change, and prevent future security breaches.

RMA Reporting through StoreGazer

StoreGazer has been the most comprehensive systems management application for nearly 20 years. By utilizing a variety of data sources including 4690/TCx Sky event logs, file system, process tables, and most recently Toshiba’s Remote Management Agent (RMA), administrators are provided a complete picture on how their store systems are performing.

Administrators will enjoy the same smart grid for their RMA reports that is consistent throughout StoreGazer. This smart grid provides users the customization options to filter, group, and sort the data in a matter which is specific to their business needs. All reports can then be exported to a CSV file to share.

StoreGazer does not require RMA to function and can produce many of the same reports through other sources. With RMA installed, StoreGazer can utilize this data as an additional resource to expand its reporting capabilities.

Key Performance Indicators within RMA include:


ACE Personalization

View, edit, compare and update ACE Personalization settings through StoreGazer


CHEC Management

Monitor and manage Toshiba’s CHEC (Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service) systems.


Enhanced Dashboard

Continuous monitoring of critical performance indicators on all stores, chainwide