Most stores rely on EDJ’s TimeGuard application for its daylight saving time changes. TimeGuard eliminates the need for store managers to manually change the time during the “spring forward” and “fall back” times of the year by automating this action. TimeGuard has the ability to sync time with either the Windows server where it resides or reaching out to an atomic clock. The application then provides each polling controller with the current updated time.

TimeGuard’s primary purpose is to make sure the internal clocks for both the terminals and the store controllers agree with the retailer’s time server. This is especially critical when the time in the terminal is being used for credit and debit authorizations. TimeGuard is also a key component when stores need to have synchronized time with surveillance camera systems.

Don’t Make an Untimely Mistake!


  • More accurate auditing investigation when timestamps for credit/debit transactions on the register match those records at the home office.
  • Compliment a surveillance camera system with time stamps for questionable transactions.
  • Eliminate the potential for human error of store managers manually changing clocks for each store control during day light savings time changeovers.

TimeGuard automatically syncs the time on your controllers for daylight saving time and throughout the day for sales auditing purposes.