Available in StoreGazer v4.6.4


Toshiba released their latest version of the 4690 Operating System, TCx Sky, in late 2018 which requires retailers to meet specific hardware and software levels prior to upgrade. Leveraging StoreGazer’s real-time inventory reports, EDJ was able to develop a comparison utility, called SkyCheck, to easily validate readiness for this upgrade.

Using the same navigational grid consistent throughout StoreGazer, specific reports are provided for controllers, terminals, Java, and software as it relates to those requirements of TCx Sky.

StoreGazer’s SkyCheck can be found under system inventory and is available to all customers who are current on maintenance at no additional expense. All reports can easily be exported to CSV and shared with team members as needed.

Retailers who are looking to upgrade to TCx Sky in the near future, can feel confident that all EDJ applications are compatible and have been thoroughly tested on this platform.