EDJ Enterprises, Inc. (EDJ) announces improvements to the web browser version of StoreTotals™, the store accounting totals reporting solution for the IBM 4690 point-of- sale  system.

The store’s accounting information contained in the Supermarket or ACE application is very valuable for a variety of uses. The ability to get at the data usually requires an IT staff that understands the workings of the IBM 4690 system keyed files and the structure of the data files. EDJ Enterprises has translated and transmitted the accounting data into a SQL database that is more easily understood and available.

All of the store’s accounting totals at the store level, the department level, the cashier level, the cashier’s department groups and item movement information are now available to you. StoreTotals provides a database for historical information from prior periods and a browser interface. The browser viewer for the database gives you real-time access to your data from a store right now and the ability to build a historical report with one or more stores for comparison purposes. You can customize the view so you see the data that you are really interested in seeing.

Users have control over their data. Using SQL tools, reports can be generated to satisfy requests from operations, accounting and marketing. EDJ can also build special reports for you on a project basis.

StoreTotals is a productivity tool that allows you to take advantage of the data collected by your point-of-sale system.