Who We Are

EDJ Enterprises, Inc. is a high quality provider of productivity solutions and products for the retail and grocery store environments. We build products that assist store personnel, loss prevention professionals and sales audit clerks in performing their daily duties. EDJ offers programming services to enhance installed point of sale systems meet the needs of the retailer.

EDJ believes strongly in application evolution. Products are enhanced over time as customers request new and innovative features and functions. These new features are offered to current customers as upgraded capabilities. The features may be offered as stand-alone functions, or incorporated into an annual maintenance release.

EDJ Enterprises has developed several innovative products including:

    • StoreGazer
    • ESCAPE
    • StoreTotals
    • Signoff Sentry
    • EXCEPTion
    • TimeGuard
    • EDJCrypt
    • DAVE
    • Signature Capture
    • Toshiba’s EJ
(Systems management agent and help desk tool)
(Electronic Search Capability and Paper Elimination)
(Accounting files moved to a SQL database)
(Automated Signoff)
(Exception reporting on cashier performance)
(Remote time and date management tool)
(Encryption/decryption module set)
(Duplicate account viewer)
(ESCAPE enhancement to attach electronic signatures to transactions)
(Toshiba’s Electronic Journal application – 5697-G45)

Toshiba’s Electronic Journal was created by EDJ Enterprises and is now being licensed to Toshiba for resale.

Our in-depth experience and background with the Toshiba point-of-sale applications allows us to deliver a high quality solution in less time than many other software developers. EDJ’s principals and employees are specialists in enhancing Toshiba’s major point-of-sale applications.

Our Capabilities

EDJ’s staff understands the Toshiba 4690/TCx Sky Operating System and the Sales Applications (formerly IBM 4690). Coding skills on the Toshiba POS platform include 4690 Basic, Java, and 4690 “C” languages. On the Windows platform, our team utilizes the latest technologies to create robust solutions. Many of our application solutions have a Windows component or are browser based, thus expanding our capabilities beyond just the Toshiba platform.

EDJ works with all of the Toshiba POS applications to modify and enhance the functionality of those applications:

  • Toshiba ACE
  • Supermarket Application
  • General Sales Application
  • Chain Drug Sales Application
  • Specialty Store Application

The History of EDJ Enterprises

EDJ Enterprises, Inc. was founded on August 1st, 1992 by veterans of the IBM Retail Industry’s point of sale community. Together they formed EDJ as a programming services company working with IBM point of sale customers. It became apparent that what retailers needed were a set of application solutions which expanded and enhanced the IBM offerings.

In addition to offering customized programming and consulting, EDJ began developing a suite of applications to take advantage of the data that the Toshiba sales applications were collecting. These early applications were ESCAPE and TimeTamer. ESCAPE was developed as an electronic journal for the IBM applications with a set of search tools to make the data useful. TimeTamer collected clock in and clock out information at the POS register while reporting the cashier’s time back to a home office payroll application.

Toshiba TEC acquired IBM’s Retail Store Solutions (RSS) business in 2012. EDJ is now an authorized partner through Toshiba’s business partner channel. EDJ also has partnerships with several Toshiba partner dealers and continues to expand their offerings into the marketplace through that network.