Signoff Sentry

EDJ’s Signoff Sentry application consists of a single executable program for the Toshiba 4690/TCx Sky OS which will sign off or disconnect a user’s session automatically after a period of inactivity or a specific time each day.

The Signoff Sentry application was originally designed to allow administrators the ability to configure a sign off to occur after a period of inactivity on a Toshiba 4690/TCx Sky console. The application has continued to evolve to include Telnet sessions, SSH sessions, and terminals left in “secure mode“. Groups of registers can be configured with time and day options specified.

EXAMPLE: Administrators may wish to configure Signoff Sentry to sign off all terminals after 10 minutes of inactivity in “secure mode“ except for weekdays between 9am and 12pm and exclude all self-checkout lanes from automatically signing off.

As demand for automated PCI Compliance tools increased, EDJ enhanced the Signoff Sentry application to include features for signing off controllers and Telnet sessions automatically. This is particularly important for support staff who remotely login to the store for troubleshooting purposes.

Automatically sign off TERMINAL, CONTROLLER, TELNET, and SSH sessions.