ESCAPEESCAPETM (Electronic Search Capability And Paper Elimination) is a family of software programs for store managers, loss prevention and sales audit personnel to help them do their jobs more efficiently. ESCAPE simplifies journal management and loss prevention monitoring to a matter of minutes; a task which previously took hours and days. The result is significant savings in staff hours and paper rolls as well as the virtual elimination of errors in the journal tape search process.

ESCAPE scans your electronic journal in seconds, searching out and displaying irrefutable facts. As a loss prevention tool, it can assist your team discover and display evidence of unusually suspicious patterns, improprieties and/or honest errors.


  • Hard dollar savings by eliminating the transportation and storage of physical journal rolls at the store and headquarters.
  • Loss prevention and sales can develop specific electronic searches to scan large amounts of data for suspicious transactions.
  • Improved productivity for sales associates and data processing staff as the physical handing of journal rolls is eliminated
  • Searches for data through the new web version of ESCAPE are now faster, gathering results in a matter of seconds.

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