We believe in application evolution. Products are enhanced over time as customers request new and innovative features and functions. These new features are offered to current customers as upgraded capabilities. The features may be offered as stand-alone functions, or incorporated into an annual maintenance release.

EDJ has developed several innovative products including:

(Duplicate Account Viewer Enhancement)
(Toshiba’s Electronic Journal application – 5697-G45)
(Electronic Search Capability and Paper Elimination)
(Exception reporting on cashier performance)
(Encryption/decryption module set)
(Journal Archive Manager)
(Application to attach electronic signatures to transactions)
(Systems management agent and help desk tool)
(Accounting files moved to a SQL database)
(Remote time and date management tool)

* Toshiba’s EJ was created by EDJ and is now being licensed to Toshiba for resale.

Our in-depth experience and background with former IBM, and now Toshiba point-of-sale applications, allows us to deliver a high quality solution in less time than many other software developers. EDJ’s principals and employees are specialists in enhancing Toshiba’s major point-of-sale applications.