StoreGazer is the leading systems management application for traditional and specialty retailers. By solving common system issues automatically and sending immediate notifications for items requiring user response, StoreGazer has quickly improved response time and efficiency for hundreds of help desks worldwide.

StoreGazer centralizes the data from the store enabling your information to be delivered quickly and efficiently. A “data on occurrence” rather than “data on demand” model provides your team real time reporting on the inventory, status, and stability of your systems.

As a PCI Compliance tool, StoreGazer supports User Activity Tracking, File and User Change Detection. Now administrators are not only able to view which files have changed but which user made those changes. In addition, retailers can now manage user ids, complex passwords, and permissions chainwide from one centralized console.

Auditors and Loss Prevention personnel who need to know “who’s doing what” will find the Command Logging and User Activity features to be valuable tools.

Although originally released for the IBM 4690 store system, EDJ has modified StoreGazer to provide similar monitoring capabilities on additional platforms including Windows.



  • Detailed inventory views for controller hardware resources, software levels, and vital product data (VPD) details.
  • System status views for monitoring critical messages and alerts.
  • Multi-Store Operation controls for running jobs, reloading systems, transferring and distributing files, defining, changing, and deleting background applications and logical file names, adding and deleting operators, etc.
  • PCI Tools for User Activity Tracking, File and User Change Detection, and Command Logging.
  • WhiteListing reports for monitoring all processes running on your systems.
  • PIN Pad Monitoring to detect skimming devices and track inventory.
  • Custom views to access RMA data.
  • Scheduling functions for automated polling and software rollout tasks.
  • Email controls for immediate system status updates.
  • ACE Personalization feature to modify settings with SurePOS ACE application


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