StoreTotals offers accessibility to both real-time and historical accounting data through a user friendly web application.

By centralizing the historical accounting totals, users are able to compare important information over a period of time between stores, cashiers, department groups, etc. in order to better understand and track sales trends. Users are also able to create custom views which display the data they are most interested in.  Originally developed for the Toshiba’s ACE and Supermarket sales applications, all accounting totals for the store, departments, cashiers, cashiers’ department groups, exception log data, and item movement are now easily accessible through StoreTotals.

The real-time display is often used by accounting personnel who wish to monitor sales as it happens live.


User permissions can be customized to grant access for regional, district, and store managers to view the information relevant to them on their iPad or tablet device.


  • View accounting data which is typically difficult to access chainwide.
  • Compare historical accounting data by the store, departments, cashiers, cashiers’ department group, etc.
  • Customize your browser view to see the type of data important to your company.
  • Accounting data available on mobile devices for regional and district managers.
  • No longer a need for large IT staff to retrieve store accounting data

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StoreTotals centralizes your real-time and historical accounting data while allowing users to create custom reports by store, department, and cashier.