CHEC Management

EDJ has recently expanded StoreGazer’s toolset to include an optional feature for monitoring and managing Toshiba’s CHEC (Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service) systems.

While StoreGazer has been able to provide inventory on CHEC systems through RMA for several years, it has now evolved to include taking action on those same systems. Through StoreGazer’s Multi-Store Operations, users will enjoy the ability to initiate lane extracts and drop replication tables remotely for either a single CHEC lane or all CHEC lanes at once. In addition, StoreGazer now includes the ability to apply software policies for updating the firmware on demand.

What were once considered difficult and time consuming processes have now become simple tasks for StoreGazer administrators. In addition, StoreGazer’s RMA toolset now includes a specific set of reports for CHEC enabling administrators to easily view hardware associated with those systems such as PIN pads, bill acceptors and coin dispensers.


Monitor and manage Toshiba’s CHEC (Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service) systems.