As an added feature to EDJ’s StoreGazer application, COPS (Centralized Operator Password Solution) gives authorized personnel the ability to manage user accounts and their accessibility, while patrolling the usage of IBM’s 4690 system.


COPS answers 5 basic questions:

  1. Who CAN access the 4690 systems.
  2. Who IS accessing the 4690 systems.
  3. What users are doing on the 4690.
  4. What has changed on the 4690.
  5. How secure is my 4690 system.

Through the User and File Change Detection features, differences in authorization records and files are identified and reported. COPS simplifies system security by centralizing changes to user authorization records and password settings.

Auditors and Loss Prevention personnel who need to know “who’s doing what” will find the tracking of Command Line Logging and User Activity features to be a valuable tool.


  • COPS centralizes user management
  • COPS is a PCI compliance tool for file management, user monitoring and tracking, and enhanced security management.
  • COPS allows reports to be generated through SQL for auditing purposes.
  • COPS simplifies password management for users requiring access to multiple stores in your network

pdf-icon  Download COPS flyer


Key Functions:

  • Create user authorization records with specific permissions.
  • Delete existing user authorization records.
  • View/Modify IBM 4690 enhanced security password requirements.
  • Retrieve/Report user ids and permissions from a remote store controller.
  • Track user activity on the store controllers in your network.
  • Retrieve/Report on command line logging information.
  • Report on change activity to specific files or directories.
  • Report on change activity to user ids, passwords or permissions

COPS is designed to address the concerns PCI introduced. Click here to learn more about COPS as a PCI Compliance Tool.