To understand and find ESCAPE Journal/Index file pair on the file server.

Find ESCAPE Journal/Index File Pair

  1. Open the folder that is defined as the journal location folder by an application that manages or views the journal data.
  2. This folder contains Store folders with the naming convention of “Snnnn”, where n is 0000 – 9999 and represents the store number.
  3. The Store folder contains Century folders with the naming convention of “nnn”, where n is the number of years after 1900. Ex) 113 = 2013
  4. The Century folder contains journal and index files with the naming convention of [JN]MDDRRR.C; see below for more detail.


  • [JN] – leading character of journal or index file name that represents journal or index.
  • M – single character month identifier as 1-9, A, B, C. (A=10, B=11, C=12)
  • DD – the day of the month as 01-31.
  • RRR – the register number as 001-999.
  • C – file extension that indicates the file is compressed, otherwise file has no extension.

e.g.) A journal/index file pair can be JA15001 and NA15001 for October 15, register 1.