EDJ Enterprises believes strongly in application evolution. Products are enhanced over time as we work closely with our customers and business partners to develop new and innovative functionality. Below is an overview of what you can expect in the latest version of StoreGazer.


Job Management

Job steps can now be re-ordered in a drag and drop fashion. Additionally, new steps can be inserted anywhere in the step sequence. Previously new steps could only be added to the end of the step sequence.

Client Auditing

To further offer PCI solutions, auditing has been added to the web client. User movement throughout and actions performed in the web application are now stored in the new EDJWebAudit database.

Location Picker

The location picker now allows locations to be removed from the selection tree using a comma or space separated list of store numbers or controller identifiers.

Alert Monitor

The Alert Monitor page now supports adding comments to alerts using a text field similar to the Message Monitor page. The comment is specific to that alert type/criteria at the specified location.

Controller Deletion

Controllers can be marked for deletion using the right click menu on both the Controller Hardware and StoreGazer information pages. Once a controller is marked for deletion it will no longer appear in the web application.

NOTE: A full list of new functionality and improvements will be included in the release notes accessible through the download section on www.EDJ.com.