EDJ Enterprises believes strongly in application evolution. Products are enhanced over time as we work closely with our customers and business partners to develop new and innovative functionality. Below is an overview of what you can expect in the latest version of StoreGazer.


Operator Authorization

All user management operations (add, delete, change password) have been centralized into the new Operator Authorization feature.

POS Monitoring Management

The StoreGazer 4690 configuration files can now be created, edited and distributed via the web client.

Web Auditing

A grid display of the EDJ Web Audit log is now available in the Administration section. Audit records can be filtered by page access and actions taken by users.

View Management

View Management has been modified to allow multiple views per user on each display. Users can set one of the views to be the default view, which will automatically be displayed on the first visit to the page.


NOTE: A full list of new functionality and improvements will be included in the release notes accessible through the download section on www.EDJ.com.