EDJ Enterprises believes strongly in application evolution. Products are enhanced over time as we work closely with our customers and business partners to develop new and innovative functionality. Below is an overview of what you can expect in the latest version of StoreGazer.




The concept of categories is being introduced to further enhance existing permission roles and their access to StoreGazer operations. User Permission Roles can be used to configure which individuals have access to which job categories in Job Management and Multi-Store Operations. A new permission in EDJCommon can be used to grant/deny access to uncategorized jobs to specific individuals as well.


Terminal Reload and Signoff

The terminal reload and signoff operations found in Multi-Store Operations now allow for the selection of a list terminal numbers instead of a single number in order to perform the operation at multiple terminals.


Grid View

The saved views on reporting grids now include other attributes, such as the display of filter rows, group and search panels, and footers.


NOTE: A full list of new functionality and improvements will be included in the release notes accessible through the download section on www.EDJ.com.