StoreGazer offers the most comprehensive Remote Management Agent (RMA) reporting solution and the most robust set of tools to quickly identify and resolve critical issues from a single enterprise console.

StoreGazer has been the most comprehensive systems management application for nearly 20 years. By utilizing a variety of data sources including 4690 event logs, file system, process tables, and most recently Toshiba’s Remote Management Agent (RMA), administrators are provided a complete picture on how their store systems are performing.

While StoreGazer introduced RMA integration a number of years ago, our international clients have driven the current expansion and demand for additional reporting. Recent additions to StoreGazer’s RMA real-time insights include details surrounding:

  • Processor
  • Memory Module
  • IDE Devices
  • Logical Drives
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • On-Board Devices
  • Numeric Sensors
  • Terminal Hardware
  • POS Printers
  • USB Devices
  • Install Packages
  • JVM Environment
  • and much more…

Administrators will enjoy the same smart grid for their RMA reports that is consistent throughout StoreGazer. This smart grid provides users the customization options to filter, group, and sort the data in a matter which is specific to their business needs. All reports can then be exported to a CSV file to share.

StoreGazer does not require RMA to function and can produce many of the same reports through other sources. With RMA installed, StoreGazer can utilize this data as an additional resource to expand its reporting capabilities.

KEY Performance Indicators within RMA include:

Numeric Sensors

Through this report, administrators are able to monitor various temperature gauges and fan speeds. When they reach specific thresholds, action can be taken to prevent controllers from overheating.


This report displays additional information inside RMA which is not available elsewhere including processor version, voltage, and characteristics. Administrators hoping to take advantage of low voltage processors for power saving purposes now have access through StoreGazer’s RMA Processors Report.

Terminal Hardware

This RMA inventory report displays a complete list of all terminals within your network in addition to their connected devices, model and serial numbers, and firmware levels.

POS Printers

StoreGazer uses RMA to report on printer details including paper cut count, receipt character printed count, and failed paper cut count. Understanding various thresholds for your printers can be useful to determine its lifespan and predict when they need to be replaced or simply when the ink will run out.

Solid State Drives SSD

Hard drive failures can cause major downtime for stores. With RMA, administrators are able to predict the life expectancy of their SSDs by monitoring how long the drive has been powered on, how much of the drive has been used, and whether an imminent failure has been reported.

The key performance indicators listed above are simply a sample as StoreGazer’s RMA reporting capabilities. Through StoreGazer dozens of RMA KPI’s can be measured.