ESCAPE is no longer solely dependent on Internet Explorer. As one of EDJ Enterprises’ core products, expanding the functionality, increasing search speeds, and compatibility of the ESCAPE application has always been a high priority. The latest release of ESCAPE WEB will now be compatible across multiple browser platforms, supporting Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome, and non-compatibility mode for Internet Explorer. Several PCI enhancements have also been included in the latest web version to address any security concerns.

In addition, users will find the link for EDJCommon directing them to the WEB version of the management application. The web based EDJCommon is also compatible across multiple browsers. Click here to learn more.


ESCAPE is a family of software programs for store managers, loss prevention and sales audit personnel to identify and view transactions across the entire retail chain. Users are able to scan for transactions across one or multiple stores and/or registers which meet specific criteria including transaction type, transaction totals, and even text for SKU and/or item description.


Click here to view specific browser versions supported: ESCAPE Web Requirements

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